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DEWALT Flexvolt review

DEWALT Flexvolt tools review

Everything about DEWALT Flexvolt tools. We’ve tested and compared all DEWALT Flexvolt batteries and found out wether they are worth the money

By: Daniel Smith

Does electrical tape melt?

Find out which Electrical tape melts and at which temperature. We compared all different kinds of tape and tested at which point they melt!

By: Daniel Smith

best pocket hole jig

Best Cheap Pocket Hole jig

Are you looking for the best cheap pocket hole jig? We compared three of them and found out which is the best jig to buy for your money.

By: Daniel Smith

best wood glue header image

The Strongest Wood Glue

Our list of the best wood glue available! We compared 3 glue on strength, price, and dry time. Find out which is the strongest wood glue now!

By: Daniel Smith

Best glue for cardboard

The best glue for cardboard

Everything you need to know about gluing cardboard. We will tell you how to do it and which glue is the best to use for your DIY project

By: Daniel Smith