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How long does gorilla glue Take to dry?

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Gorilla glue is probably the most famous general-purpose glue. We often get the question: How long does it take for gorilla glue to dry?

Don’t worry we will tell you exactly how long it takes different kinds of gorilla glue to dry! In fact, here is a quick overview of all gorilla glue types and their dry time.

Gorilla glue dry time quick overview:

Gorilla glue80% in 1-2 hours
Gorilla Superglue Light handling in 1-5 minutes
Gorilla Wood glue80% in 1-2 hours
Gorilla Epoxy90 minutes
Gorilla glue gell80% in 1-2 hours

How long does regular Gorilla glue take to dry?

Regular Gorilla glue takes about 1-2 hours to dry for 80%. It takes about 24 hours for the glue to fully harden. Unfortunately, there is no real way to speed up this process. However, letting the Gorilla glue dry in a dry room with a slight breeze will significantly improve its performance.

As the name says, the classing Gorilla glue can be used on almost every material. There are some exceptions including some types of hard plastic and paper.

Max strength gorilla glue

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How long does Gorilla super glue take to dry?

Gorilla super glue takes 1-5 minutes to dry. Even though it may seem like the glue is completely dry already takes about 24 hours to fully harden. In case the glued object is under stress or tension it is recommended to wait until the full curing time passed before putting it under stress again.

Did you get Gorilla glue on your clothes? Don’t panic, read my guide on Clean and remove: How to remove glue from fabric

How long does gorilla wood glue take to dry?

The dry time of gorilla wood glue is much longer than regular gorilla super glue. This is because of the nature of wood glue which always needs more time to cure.

Gorilla wood glue has a dry time of 24 hours. It is important that while drying, the objects are under constant pressure for example by clamping them together. If this is not done properly it will take much longer for the wood glue to dry.

Gorilla glue is our favorite overall glue. If you want to compare it to other glues read our guide: The strongest wood glue

How long does gorilla glue gel take to dry?

Gorilla glue gel will dry in 10-45 seconds. The bond strength depends on the application and material to which it is applied. If you want the strongest bond with gorilla glue gel, it is recommended to wait for an extra hour after applying it.

how to make gorilla glue dry faster

Here are 4 easy steps to make gorilla glue dry faster:

  1. Don’t use too much glue

    Too much glue can lead to longer dry times since there is more liquid on the surface. The key to a proper glue job is to use just enough for a strong bond but not too less either.

  2. Ventilate the space you are working in

    The glue will cure faster in a well-ventilated room. Therefore it is important to let air flow through the space as much as possible. Open a window or two, and put a small ventilator blowing constant air on the glue.

  3. Clamp and fix the objects you are gluing

    When the glue is moving around between two objects it will take much longer to dry. Therefore it is important to either clamp your object while gluing wood for example, or to put it somewhere fixed where it can not move.

  4. Use heat to dry the glue quicker

    Not all glue will dry faster with heat. However, most water-based glues will. Therefore you can speed up the drying process of some glue types with a simple hairdryer or heat gun. Be careful, as too much heat can potentially damage the material you are gluing.

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