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Are you wondering what is the best and strongest wood glue? With so many options it is not easy to make the right decision.

On top of that, there is also a lot of bad wood glue for sale. these will not bond well with wood or separate with the slightest tension.

Therefore we compared the 5 most popular wood glue and tested which one of them is the strongest!

The strongest wood glue: our favorite

Best known brand

apel premium wood glue

Apel wood glue

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Hphtools’ Choice

Gorilla the strongest wood glue

Gorilla wood glue

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Quickest drying

TITEBOND wood glue quickest to dry

TITEBOND wood glue

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What makes the best wood glue?

The best wood glue will bond two pieces of wood together like one. High-quality wood glue should not separate the wood under pressure, with water, or while exposed to heat.

What is the strongest wood glue?

Polyurethane glue is the strongest type of wood glue available. This type of glue will bond with any kind of wood very well. It can also be applied to a large variety of other materials including metal, plastic, and concrete. The most popularPolyurethane glue is the one from gorilla glue.

To get the strongest connection between two pieces of wood, it is best to use a pocket hole connection. Read our guide: Best pocket hole jig

These are the strongest wood glue

We made a list of the 5 strongest wood glue available. These have been tested and reviewed. This way you can be sure you get the best glue for your next woodworking projects.

This is our list of the 3 strongest wood glue:

1. Gorilla glue

  • Strongest
Gorilla the strongest wood glue

BuyGorilla wood glue

  • Strongest glue
  • Normal drying time
  • Cheapest
  • Natural wood color
  • Good Hold
Strength score

This is the strongestPolyurethane glue available. Gorilla is known for making some of the best glues on the market today. Their wood glue is certainly no exception!

2. Titebond III

TITEBOND wood glue quickest to dry

BuyTITEBOND wood glue

  • Strong glue
  • Quickest drying time
  • Fair price
  • Natural wood color
  • Best Hold
Strength score

Titebond might not be the most famous manufacturer of wood glue. However, their glue has plenty of strength and is the quickest drying on our list.

3. Apel premium

apel premium wood glue

BuyApel wood glue

  • Strong glue
  • Quick drying time
  • Fair price
  • Clear PVA Glue
  • Good Hold
Strength score

Apel premium wood glue is the most expensive option on this list. However, we believe this glue is still worth it. This brand is specialized in making wood glue and therefore an expert.

Best way to use wood glue

To have the best possible result when gluing wood together it is important to use the proper technique. This is important if you want to get the desired results.

Here are 6 simple steps that explain how to use wood glue:

1. Sand both pieces of wood that you want to glue

It is important to start with two sanded edges. If you are not able to sand them using a sander try to do it by hand.

2. Clear all the dust from the wood

To get the best result you should remove all dust from the wood. You can do so by using an air blower or damp cloth.

3. Apply a royal layer of wood glue

Put on a royal amount of wood glue. Don’t worry about being super precise, you can fix your mistakes later

4. Line up your pieces of wood and clamp them together

Wood glue will only bond well over time. Therefore you should always clamp the pieces of wood you want to glue together.

5. Leave them to dry for at least 24 hours

Good wood glue will take time to dry. Usually, a full day (24 hours) will fully harden the glue.

6. Sand off any excess glue

When the wood glue is dry you can sand off any excess glue. By the time the adhesive is fully hardened it will be a wood-like material.

Frequently asked questions

Most wood glues take at least 24 hours to dry. However, if you are using a PVA water-based glue the drying time might be shorter. PVA water-based glues take about 10 hours to fully harden.

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