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Are you looking for a simple, cheap pocket hole jig? One that does not have a lot of bells and whistles but just gets the job done? There are a lot of good pocket hole jigs on the market. However, finding the best for a good price can be a bit of a challenge.

We made a list with what we believe are the best pocket hole jigs for the right price!

What makes the best pocket hole jig?

Pocket hole jigs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But we have found that simpler is often better in this case. You do not want to fidget with a complicated clamp or break unnecessary parts.

Therefore while looking for the best pocket hole jig we looked for simplicity, ease of use, and build quality.

We also kept price in mind since this is a list where we compare some cheap pocket hole jigs. A tool like this should be affordable and get the job done. Of course, you can opt for a more expensive jig but then this guide isn’t for you.

If you want to really make a strong connection between two pieces of wood we recommend you use the strongest wood glue in combination with a pocket hole.

Our favorite pocket hole jig – top 3

  • Hphtools’ choice
kreg mini cheap pocket hole jig


Our score: 9.3

  • Simple design
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Single jig
  • Cheapest jig
Overall score

This mini pocket hole kit is specifically made with the price in mind. A simple and sturdy design makes this jig a great budget option.

When you say pocket holes you think about KREG. This is for good reason since they were the first to come up with a simple design similar to the KREGMKJKIT mini.

KREGMKJKIT mini is the best cheap pocket hole jig. Its build quality, simplicity, and price really make it stand out from the rest. The kit includes everything you need to start drilling pocket holes. Even when you lose the original drill bit it is super easy to replace it with any other 3/8″ inch drill bit.

massca pocket hole jig

2. Massca Twin Pocket Hole Jig Set

Our score: 9.2

  • Simple design
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Two holes
  • Cheap jig
Overall score

The Massca pocket hole jig set has two holes instead of one. For this reason, this is the best choice if you are looking for a twin-pocket hole set on a budget.

This pocket hole jig is similar to the KREG R3 Pocket Hole Jig. However, it is a bit cheaper. Nevertheless, it is made of high-quality plastic with two metal pipes to keep a long usable life span.

If you are on a very tight budget and you want a pocket hole jig with two holes the Massca pocket hole jig might be the best for you!

Kreg r3 pocket hole jig

3. Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig

Our score: 9.5

  • Best design
  • Best build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Twin jig
  • Cheap jig
Overall score

Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig is the one that everyone knows. The famous simple design is great if you are looking for a jig that will last you a long time.

A high-quality aluminum clamp is also included with this pocket hole jig. KREG is the go-to brand if you are looking for the best quality possible.

Although this pocket hole jig is not the cheapest we still believe it is worth the money.

Final thoughts

Overall we have to say we absolutely love the Kreg R3 Jr Pocket Hole Jig. This pocket hole jig is functional and very sturdy. The drill bits that come with it are also made from very durable material. If you are ok with spending a couple of extra bucks we highly recommend the Kreg R3 Jr!

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