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DEWALT Flexvolt tools review

By: Daniel Smith




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Back in 2017 DEWALT introduced its latest battery technology: “Flexvolt”. To this day Flexvolt is still their main source of power in all their latest tools. Since these batteries can be pretty expensive the big question is: Are they worth it?

In this DEWALT Flexvolt review, we will show you the test results we’ve gathered from using Flexvolt batteries in our cordless DEWALT power tools. Spoiler: we love these batteries.

DEWALT Flexvolt advantages

The biggest advantage of using Flexvolt batteries compared to standard batteries is the battery life. DEWALT claims their Flexvolt technology offers up to 6 times the runtime vs regular DEWALT batteries. Flexvolt batteries have an output of 180 Watt-Hours per full charge.

Weighing in at only 4.4 pounds DEWALT Flexvolt batteries are relatively lightweight compared to other brands.

Looking for power? DEWALT Flexvolt has what you are looking for! Read our guide on: What is the biggest DEWALT Battery

DEWALT Flexvolt batteries test

We have put DEWALT’s DCB609 9.0-Ah Flexvolt battery to the test. For this test, we’ve used the DEWALT DCG418b, for more information about this angle grinder read our review of the DEWALT DCG418b angle grinder.

here are the test results:

DEWALT DCB609 9.0-Ah Flexvolt battery test results

Time to full charge (DCB118 fast charger)74 minutes
Battery life (using DCG418)1 hour 58 minutes
Battery life under load (using DCG418)41 minutes

DEWALT Flexvolt most common problems

One of the most common problems with DEWALT Flexvolt batteries is that they lose power over time. This problem is a result of charging your Flexvolt batteries using a fast charger too often.

If you are in a hurry fast chargers are amazing. It often makes more sense to bring fewer batteries and charge them while you work. A fast charger can make the difference between having to bring/buy 3 batteries instead of 2.

However, fast chargers will drastically decrease the life expectancy of your batteries. Therefore, it is better to charge them in a regular charger whenever you have the option to.

DEWALT Flexvolt battery technology

DEWALT DCB118 Flexvolt battery

our score: 9.5
  • Great value for money
  • 180-watt hours
  • Long battery life
  • Full charge in 74 minutes

Final thoughts

So are DEWALT Flexvolt tools worth the extra money and do these batteries really increase your work performance?

We would say: Yes. DEWALT Flexvolt is an amazing technology that is powerful and diverse. These batties last significantly longer than their lighter alternatives and being able to use them in 60v power tools is a game-changer!

What Reddit users say about Flexvolt:

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