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The last thing you want is your electrical tape melting and causing a shortage or even creating a potential fire hazard. Electrical tape should be made to withstand heat and high temperatures. right?

On this page, we will answer the age-old question: Does electrical tape melt? And if so at what temperature does it melt? After reading this you will know exactly how safe electrical tape actually is.

Does electrical tape melt?

Electrical tape is more likely to melt than to catch fire. For regular applications, the odds of electrical tape melting are somewhat slim. The most common Electrical tape made of Vinyl will melt at a minimal temperature of 500 degrees Celsius (°C) or 932 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). There are other types of electrical tape like Zetex or Textil tape that will only start melting at much higher temperatures.

At which temperature does electrical tape melt?

There are different types of Electrical tape that will melt at different temperatures. The most heat-resistant electrical tape is Textil tape. This tape will start melting at a heat of at least 1000 degrees Celsius(°C) or 1832 degrees Fahrenheit(°F). The least heat-resistant electrical tape is vinyl with a max temp of212 – 500degrees Celsius (°C) or413.6 – 932degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

Here are all the types of electrical tape and the temperature at which they start to melt:

Vinyl212 – 500°C or 413.6 – 932°F
Aramid350 – 500°C or 662 – 932°F
Ceramic tape650 – 1050°C or 1202 – 1922°F
Zetex tape700°C or 1292°F
Textil tape1000°C or 1832°F
Bio Soluble Fiber Tape1200°C or 2192°F
Glass Tape550°C or 1022°F

Can electrical tape catch fire?

Electrical tape will not catch fire. however, we still have to be careful because the electrical tape will melt. This is because the electrical tape is made of rubber synthetic material.

Even though electrical tape will not catch fire, the rubbers surrounding your electrical wire will. Once the electrical wires get too hot the isolation around of them will melt and potentially catch fire.

The best heat resistant tape

best heat resistant electrical tape

3M Scotch heat resistant Electrical tape

  • Up to 221°F
  • 20 Meter
  • 3M
  • Vinyl Electrical tape
Overall score

We’ve found that the 3M Vinyl Electrical tape is the best heat-resistant tape. This tape can withstand temperatures of up to 221°F or 105°C. This tape will melt instead of burn which makes it extra safe to use.

Another great thing about this electrical tape is that it has a great adhesive that will keep out any moisture. This will decrease the risk of shortage and therefore the risk of fire.

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