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DEWALT DCG418B angle grinder review

By: Daniel Smith




DEWALT released a new angle grinder in 2020: the DCG418b. this angle grinder is the successor of their latest model the DCG416b. In this DEWALT DCG418b review, we will tell you if it’s worth buying or not!

We can now already tell from the looks of it that this will be a great angle grinder. However, you never really know until you put these things to the test.

DEWALT DCG418b angle grinder

DEWALT DCG418b angle grinder

our score: 9.7
  • RPM: High
  • Battery power: High
  • Safety features: Max

Pros and Cons of this angle grinder

This grinder, just like any other grinder, has its pros and cons.  it may not come as a surprise that this grinder has more positives than negatives.

The thing we like the most about this grinder is the grip. We have found that this is really a great improvement over the other DEWALT angle grinders.

The biggest downside of this angle grinder is the price. Compared to other similar grinders the DCG418b is somewhat expensive. Check our guide: Best DEWALT angle grinders for cheaper alternatives.

  • Pros
  • Best warranty program
  • High RPM
  • Well known brand
  • Cons
  • Expensive

DEWALT DCG418b build quality

This DeWalt angle grinder has a great build quality. We especially like that the DCG418b has a thinner grip. This way people with smaller hands can also hold this grinder. Compared to the DCG416b we found at this angle grinder has a much better form factor.

As always with DeWalt products the build quality of dcg413b is great. It is rugged and it feels heavy and stable. We believe that this grinder will last you a long time if treated properly.

Something that we like, that we see in every latest DeWalt angle grinder is the addition of a LED light. with this light, you will be more accurate in dimly lit situations and you will see exactly what you are doing.


we have found that this is maybe not the cheapest angle grinder on the market. however, we think it’s worth the money. this angle grinder is equipped with the latest technology and therefore offers great value for money

If you are looking for a cheaper more affordable alternative we recommend the DCG416b. this angle grinder could be seen as the little brother of the DCG418b. however, with such a minor difference we think it is much more worth the go for the latest DEWALT technology.

Who should buy this angle grinder?

The DCG418b angle grinder is great for the following people or situations:

  • People who own Flexvolt batteries – This is a great angle grinder if you already own one or more of DEWALT’s Flexvolt technology batteries. 
  • Great for beginners – When buying your first angle grinder you want something safe and relatively cheap. This might be the best option out there.
  • Grinding concrete – Because of its high RPM and MWO, this angle grinder will do a great job grinding concrete.

DEWALT DCG418b performance

The DCG418b angle grinder has much more RPM than its predecessor. With 9000 RPM this is one of the fastest cordless angle grinders on the market today.

It uses DeWalt’s Flexvolt system which we believe is amazing. These batteries can last you up to 60% longer than regular 20-volt batteries! For more information about Flexvolt technology read our DEWALT Flexvolt tools review

DEWALT DCG418b specs:

Speed9000 RPM
Blade diameter4 1/2″ inch
BatteryLithium-ion (Flexvolt)
Voltage60 Volts
Weight4.73 pounds
Max power350 watt
Dimensions9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches

Safety features

This angle grinder uses some of the latest safety features available. One of them is the E-clutch system. this system prevents the angle grinder from starting when a shortage or power cut off caused the angle grinder to unexpectedly shut down.

Another great safety feature of the DCG418 is the rotating wheel guard. With one touch of a button, the angle guard can be turned around 360°. This prevents small particles or a broken angle grinder disc to fly off and hitting the eyes or other parts of the body.

angle grinder image related

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