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Best cordless angle grinder

By: Daniel Smith




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Not sure which cordless angle grinder is right for you? To find the best cordless angle grinder you have to do a lot of comparing and see what is important for you.

All cordless angle grinders come with their own pros and cons. Things like power, safety, and build quality should all be taken into consideration when buying one.

But don’t worry! This is our list of what we believe are the best cordless angle grinders! These will get the job done, have great power efficiency, and offer the best value for money.

What makes the best Cordless angle grinder

To start comparing the angle grinders we first need to find out what we are looking for in the best cordless angle grinder.

Here are some key points to keep in mind while comparing an angle grinder:

  • Power – The number of Volts and RPM
  • Safety – What safety features does the angle grinder have?
  • Build – Things like grip, material, and grinding wheel size
  • Battery – How much battery life does the angle grinder have?

Here is our list of the best cordless angle grinders:

The best cordless angle grinders

Here is a list of what we believe are the best cordless angle grinders:

DEWALT DCG418b angle grinder

DEWALT 60V MAX – Flexvolt angle grinder (DCG418b)

our score: 9.6
  • Latest DEWALT angle grinder
  • Powerful with high RPM
  • Efficient battery usage
  • Maximum safety features

Our favorite cordless angle grinder is the DEWALT 20V MAX! This grinder has a voltage of 20 volts and a high-efficiency brushless motor. This angle grinder also has a break stop system of 2 seconds making it extra safe to use.

Safety features

Could this be the safest angle grinder to use? We believe so… One of its great features is a kickback brake that is engaged when a pinch, stall, or bind-up event is sensed. It will break and shut off the angle grinder completely.

Another great safety feature is the E-switch protection. This will prevent the grinder from suddenly starting after a power outage or unexpected shutdown.

Grip and accuracy

Basically, all products of DEWALT are well thought out and optimized for control. The DEWALT 20V MAX is no exception to this. Also, the 2 stage trigger on the drill is easy to control and the grinder feels very natural to use.

DeWALT DCG418B Pricing

The price of this grinder is also something we really like! It’s one of the cheapest, quality grinders on the market today offering the best value for money. You can either buy this grinder as a standalone tool or you can buy it in a kit. You can find the best price for the DEWALT 20v Max XR on Amazon.

If you want to find out what is the best DEWALT angle grinder, we recommend our DEWALT angle grinder guide.

Speed6500 RPM
Blade diameter4 1/2″ inch
Voltage60 Volts
Weight4.73 pounds
Max power350 watt
Dimensions7.32 x 16.75 x 4.75 inches

Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT

makita angle grinder

Makita 18V LXT angle grinder (XAG04Z)

our score: 9.2
  • Budget angle grinder
  • Good price/quality
  • Long battery life
  • Decent RPM

In second place we have the Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT. Another great cordless grinder for all your grinding jobs. This angle grinder is a bit cheaper than the 1st place on this list, which makes it a great budget choice.

Just like all the other products in this Makita line this grinder has an 18-volt Lithium-ion battery. This makes it especially interesting if you already have some other products in the Makita X line.

Safety features

This angle grinder also has a great safety feature that we absolutely love. Active feedback makes sure that the angle grinder stops and turns off once the motor is forced to stop.

Grip and accuracy

This angle grinder has a more minimal design which we can really appreciate. The grip is traditional and decent for an angle grinder. However, we found is not the most sturdy grinder on this list to hold.

Makita XAG04Z Pricing

The quality you get for the price is outstanding. This product could last you a lifetime if you treat it with care. We found the best place to buy it is on Amazon. They ofter have good deals on the standalone tool. We also love the Makita kit they sell since all these tools work on the same battery system.

Want to compare all Makita angle grinders? Read our guide: The best Makita angle grinders

Speed6000 RPM
Blade diameter4 1/2″ inch
Voltage18 Volts
Weight4.51 pounds
Max power350 watt
Dimensions7.32 x 16.75 x 4.75 inches

milwuakee cordless angle grinder

Milwaukee’s Cordless Angle Grinder (2783-20)

our score: 8.8
  • Well priced cordless angle grinder
  • Powerful for its size
  • Very grippy and accurate

A premium tool for a premium price! The Milwaukee cordless angle grinder is an amazing tool for the people that can afford it.

This Cordless angle grinder has a top speed of 8500 rpm and a powerful 20-volt brushless motor. Milwaukee is founded in Amerika and they are known for having an outstanding warranty program.

Grip and accuracy

The Milwaukee cordless angle grinder has a similar grip to the Makita. It offers a bit more extra grip due to the soft and high-quality rubber they used. We also found that the speed control button is very responsive and easily accessible.

Milwaukee 2783-20 Pricing

You get what you pay for. A great tool that will last you a long time if treated with care. Amazon offers a standalone grinder as well as Milwaukee’s complete kit.

Speed8500 RPM
Blade diameter4 1/2″ inch
Voltage20 Volts
Weight5.1 pounds
Max power350 watt
Dimensions7.32 x 16.75 x 4.75 inches

Cordless angle grinders overview

Hammer drillVoltageSpeedScore
DeWALT DCG418b cordless 60v angle grinder
60 Volts6500 RPM9.6
makita angle grinder
Makita XAG04Z
18 Volts6000 RPM9.2
milwuakee cordless angle grinder
Milwaukee 2783-20
20 Volts8500 RPM8.8

Frequently asked questions

We recommend the DEWALT 20V Max angle grinder for removing paint and rust. This angle grinder has great precision and a controllable speed.

Polishing granite edges is a very delicate job and therefore we recommend you use the Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT. This is an 18v angle grinder that is perfect for fine jobs like this.

Heavy, dense materials like concrete require a powerful angle grinder. Therefore, the strong Milwaukee cordless angle grinder is a great option for this kind of job.

Milwaukee and DEWALT both manufacture high-quality angle grinders. Milwaukee is the biggest supplier of power tools in North America whereas DEWALT has the better warranty program. There is not really a winner between these two, their angle grinders are equally as good.

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