Best floor sander for hardwood floors

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If you’ve had your solid hardwood floors for some time now, you probably want to refinish them and bring your original wood back to life. To accomplish this, you’ll need various sealers, stains, and most importantly, a floor sander.

When refinishing a hardwood floor, there are many sanders to select from. These could be drum, orbital, palm, or edge sanders, which massively depends on your budget. Each of these has its pros and cons, and today we’re going to discuss the best sanders in each category to ensure you invest in the right one.

Best Drum sander

The first and most iconic floor sander for hardwood is a drum sander. Expert use these within the industry due to their performance, ease of use, and accessible replacement sanding pads. However, although they’re good, the unfortunate thing about drum sanders is that they can undoubtedly be the most expensive option on this list. 

Clarke Drum Sander – Ez-8

Currently, the best manufacturer for drum sanders is Clarke, and in particular, their EZ-8. As mentioned, drum sanders are the most expensive option within this list, as they’re typically aimed towards professionals within the refinishing industry. But, if your budget allows for this, by all means, it’ll be an excellent investment, and it’ll come in hand for future projects.

Investing in a drum sander really depends on your future projects and ideas for the machine. If you’re just testing out the idea of refining your floors, you may want to consider one of the below first before you make this initial investment.

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Best Belt Sander

When you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want to get the job done quick and efficient we recommend a belt sander. It’s the equivalent of a drum sander but then in a smaller housing.

Makita Variable Speed Belt Sander – 9903

The 9903 – Belt Sander from Makita is the absolute best for sanding your floors. With a stable front grip and adjustable speeds the Makita gets the job done quick and precise.

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Best Orbital sander

If you’re a hobbyist, this may be your go-to option. Most orbital sanders are reasonably priced (depending on the brand) and can accomplish refining easily. The only massive downside to using this sanding machine is they all have a relatively small sanding area. Meaning if you have a significant place to sand, such as a living room or hallway, it can be troublesome.

DeWalt Orbital Sander – DWE6421

This lightweight 240v five-inch sander is small, but it certainly packs a punch. For any novices at refining, this power tool will definitely ease the pressure from you. It’s easy to maneuver and comfortable, meaning you’ll be able to use this machine for most of the day without getting aches or pains.

An orbital sander is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend a boatload of money and just want to experience refining their floors.

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Best Palm sander

Effectively, palm sanders are orbital sanders. The only difference is that they have a square sanding pad and sand back and forth rather than in a circular motion. Choosing between the two is really down to personal preference. However, some people prefer palm sanders as they’re able to get further into the edges and corners of a room. 

Makita Palm Sander – BO4556

This palm sander is on the heavier side of most that are within its category. But it comes equipped with a rather extraordinary speed of 14,000 OPM, making it one of the more powerful machines on the market. Without a doubt, this is a promising option for anyone wanting to sand their hardwood floors.

Like an orbital sander, a palm sander can offer immense benefits for those who want to stick with a low budget.

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Best Edge sander

Something that you rarely see on the market is an edge sander. These are relatively expensive but are guaranteed to sand your floors all the way to the skirting board. However, this can also be used throughout the whole project.

Clarke American Sanders B2 Edger

Clarke is well-established within the flooring industry by producing some of the best sanders to date. The same goes for their edging sander, and although it’s expensive, it’s certainly worth every cent.

If you can’t afford either of the machines above, it’s always recommended to reach out to your local hire dealer. Here, you may be able to hire the device for a fraction of the price.

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Best Sander for Floor Edges

Undoubtedly, floor edges can be a pain for anyone trying to renovate them. However, with the below sanders, it could make your job a whole lot easier.

Edge Sander – As mentioned above, this edge sander is ideal for any projects that require you to sand right up to the skirting board. By investing or hiring this machine, you’ll undoubtedly be able to reach your desired outcome.

Mouse sander – I’m aware not everybody has a hiring business near them or the capital to purchase an edge sander. If you want to achieve this inexpensively, you should opt-in for a mouse sander. These come equipped with pointed sanding pads making them the ideal solution to sand the edges and corners of your floor.

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