How to get gorilla glue off your hands

Did you accidentally get some super strong gorilla glue on your hands and are you eager to get it off as quickly as possible? Not to worry here is a complete guide on how to get Gorilla glue off hands!

Gorilla glue is known to be the strongest glue on the market and therefore can be a pain to get off your hands. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to do it.

How to get Gorilla glue off your hands?

The best way to get super glue off your hands is by using some kind of solvent. This way you can thin the glue and remove it from your skin easier.

5 simple steps to get gorilla glue off your hands and skin

Examine how much glue is on your hands

Determine whether there is a lot of glue on your hands or just a small amount? This can be important to decide whether you need to use solvent or not.

Get the right solvent to remove the glue

Super glue is made on an alcohol basis. Therefore it would be best to find a solvent that is produced in the same way. Some examples could be Thinner, turpentine, or mineral spirit.

We’ve found that an alternative to this is to mix dish soap, baking soda, and salt. This is the more natural way to get the glue off your hands.

Add the solvent to an old towel or piece of cloth

Instead of pouring the solvent over your hands, it is best to use a towel. Pour a bit of solvent on an old towel or piece of cloth and spread it evenly through the material.

Use the damp towel to get the glue off your hands

With a damp tip of the towel start by brushing off the gorilla glue off your hands. You should see results in some seconds/minutes. Do not be impatient as the glue has to solve with the mineral spirit. This can take some time.

Clean up when you are done

Once the glue is off your hands and skin it is important to clean up. Mineral spirit or turpentine can be dangerous to inhale so therefore it is important to get rid of any leftovers.

The best way to get rid of the dangerous fumes is to throw away the old towel and wash your hands with green soap.

Prevent gorilla glue from getting on your hands

The best thing in the future would be to prevent super glue from actually getting on your hands altogether. Gorilla glue, wood glue, and any other super glue can be toxic and can cause harm to your health in the long run.

The best way to prevent superglue from getting on your hands is by wearing latex gloves. These gloves are thin and offer a lot of precision when needed. They are also grippy and therefore great for gluing smaller projects.

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