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The Best socks for work boots

By: Daniel Smith




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Finding a fitting pair of work socks for your boots can be challenging. There are many brands that make high-quality socks, each of them having its own pros and cons. On top of that socks nowadays are made from various materials like wool, polyester, and elastane.

But in the end, what is the best pair of work socks? This guide will help you find the right socks for work boots and keep your feet comfortable, dry, and smelling like roses.

What makes the best socks for your work boots?

A big part of finding the best socks for your work boots comes down to personal preference and trial and error. However, there are a couple of things you should be aware of while buying socks for work boots.


Socks are woven together with some kind of lycra/ spandex to keep them stretchy. Cheap work socks are not always a bad choice! For example, wool that is often used in high-end socks is only usable in warm weather. On the other hand, Polyester socks will often be quick to dry and therefore are the better, cheaper choice.

Ankle height

There are various heights of socks. If you are looking for the ideal pair of socks to wear in regular work boots we recommend a medium heigh sock. This is based on mild/low temperatures. If the weather is cold a better choice would be high, and if it’s hot outside lower socks will be the best option.


Finally, you want to take a look at the weight of the socks. It is important to choose the right weight for your work socks. Too thick socks can result in sweaty feet, and too thin will result in cold feet. Choose a weight best suited for the climate you will be working in.

Most comfortable socks for work boots

Darn tough best work socks

Darn Tough men’s Hiker Merino Wool

our score: 9.4
  • High quality Merino wool
  • Medium hight
  • Suitable for cold/mild weather
  • Max cushioning

Darn Though might be the most popular and well-known manufacturer of socks. They are mainly known in the hiking community, however, these socks are also great to use in your work boots!

These work socks are made from 63% Merino Wool 35% Nylon and 2% Lycra Spandex. Merino wool does an amazing job wicking away moisture from your skin. Combine these socks with one of our favorite waterproof work boots and you will experience great comfort.

Keep in mind that this pair of work socks are made for cold temperatures. We do not recommend these socks for hot weather.

Who should buy these socks?

Are these the best socks for your work boots? Here are some points to see if these socks are right for you:

  • Socks are made for cold/mild weather
  • Perfect for people that have sweaty feed
  • Good when you need extra heel support
  • Best socks for steel toe work boots

Material63% Merino Wool
HeightMicro crew
Manufactured inUSA

Dickies best work socks

Dickies Heavyweight Cushion socks

our score: 9.2
  • 68% Cotton / 31% Polyester
  • High cut socks
  • Mild/Hot weather
  • Great value for money

Dickies is a well-known American work clothes manufacturer. Their socks stand out from the rest because of their quality standard and fair pricing.

Dickies Heavyweight Cushion cotton socks are made with 68% Cotton 34% Polyester and 1% Spandex. These socks are great for breathability because of their high percentage of polyester.

These work socks are best used in warmer temperatures. In winter you will be better of with a pair of Merino wool work socks or insulated work boots.

Who should buy these socks?

Are these the best socks for your work boots? Here are some points to see if these socks are right for you:

  • Socks are made for warm/hot weather
  • Perfect when you don’t have really sweaty feet
  • Good socks for steel-toe work boots

Material68% Cotton
Manufactured inUSA

Carhartt best work socks

Carhartt Men’s Traditional Welt

our score: 8.0
  • 100% Polyester
  • High cut socks
  • Cold/mild weather
  • Very good cushioning

Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Socks are durable socks that promise to last as long as your work boots. These socks are thick and exclusively woven from synthetic materials.

A combination of 98% polyester and 2% spandex ensures a maximum life expectancy for these socks. If you owned polyester-based socks in the past you probably already know that these will last forever.

The only downside of a synthetic pair of socks like these is that they do not perform well at wicking away moisture from the skin. Therefore these socks are not recommended for people with really sweaty feet.

Who should buy these socks?

Are these the best socks for your work boots? Here are some points to see if these socks are right for you:

  • Extra durable, these socks will last forever
  • Not good for people with really sweaty feed
  • Perfect when you need extra heel support
  • These socks are for cold/mild weather

Material98% Polyester
Manufactured inChina
The Author
Daniel Smith
My passion for power tools and work clothing started when I was a kid. My father and I used to build tree houses together, he taught me all the tricks of the trade! Meanwhile, I'm a 28-year-old with more than 7 years of experience on various job sites.

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