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Best table saw for beginners

By: Daniel Smith




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Are you wondering which is the best table saw for beginners? It can be hard to find the right table saw that can be handled by anyone. On top of that, there are a lot of good table saws on the market. This makes it hard to make the right decision.

We made this guide with complete beginners in mind. Therefore we compared all saws on ease of use, safety, and usability.

What makes the best Table saw

In order to find the best table saw we will look at a couple of criteria. This applies to beginners as well as professional woodworkers. These criteria are:

  • Safety – Especially when you are starting out a table saw can be dangerous
  • Max rip – The usability greatly depends on the size of the wood you can saw
  • Price – As a beginner, you don’t want to spend too much on a table saw
  • Horsepower / RPM – How fast does the blade spin, important to get clean cuts

With these criteria in mind, here is our list of the best table saws for beginners:

Best table saw for beginners

Here is a list of our favorite table saws for beginners:

Hphtools’ choice

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10 table saw

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw

our score: 9.6
  • Relatively cheap table saw
  • Portable and transportable with wheels
  • Minimal kickback risk

If you are familiar with power tools you have probably heard of DEWALT. They make great tools for a cheap price.

The DEWALT 10-inch table saw is one of the best table saws for beginners! It is not as expensive as most other saws on this list. Hence the reason why this is a great table saw if you are new to woodworking!


We think DEWALT did a great job finding the sweet spot between a professional saw for a great price. Without a doubt, this is the best table saw for beginners!

DEWALT DWE7491RS – specs:

Speed4800 RPM
Blade diameter10″ inch
Power sourceCorded
Table Size22″ inch
Weight110 pounds
Warranty3 years
Dimensions31 x 24 x 31

Professional saw

Powermatic 1791230K table saw

Powermatic 1791230K table saw

our score: 9.3
  • You get what you pay for
  • High RPM
  • Minimal kickback risk

The Powermatic table saw is an ideal table saw for beginners. Even though it is an expensive saw, we still think it is worth the money.

Unlike some other table saws on this list, the Powermatic 1791230K is actually made for professionals. Therefore the saw is heavier and more stable than other saws. This is great for added stability when you have to cut large pieces of wood.

We recommend this saw for anyone who is thinking about doing woodwork for a longer period of time. The Powermatic table saw is great to learn on as a beginner, but also keep using it when you get more experienced.

Powermatic 1791230k – specs:

Speed3800 RPM
Blade diameter10″ inch
Power sourcecorded
Table Size22″ / 32″
Weight293 pounds
Warranty5 years
Dimensions70 x 32 x 34

Budget option

DEWALT compact table saw


our score: 9.1
  • Cheapest table saw
  • Decent RPM
  • A little bit kickback risk
  • Good safety features

The DEWALT DWE7485 compact is the cheapest table saw on this list. It is a great saw if mobility is what you require.

It might be a bit less powerful than a table saw. However, as a beginner, you will not always need the quickest / cleanest cuts.

With an 8-1/4″ inch blade the DEWALT compact table saw is usable for most woodworking projects. If you are not sure which saw you should buy and money is a deciding factor. For a table saw under 500 this is the best table saw for you!

You might be wondering: Why is this not number 1 on our list for the best table saws? Well, the weight of this saw makes it a bit more unstable. Therefore it loses a bit on the safety aspect. However, if you are careful we think this is the best saw to get!

Powermatic 1791230k – specs:

Speed5800 RPM
Blade diameter8-1/4″ inch
Power sourceCorded
Table Size24″ inch
Weight54 pounds
Warranty3 years
Dimensions‎22 x 22 x 13

Grizzly Industrial G1023RLX table saw

Grizzly G1023RLX

our score: 9.6
  • The most expensive table saw
  • Highest horsepower
  • Minimal kickback risk
  • The most powerful table saw

This is the most expensive table seen on this list. The Grizzly Industrial G1023RLX is more aimed toward professional woodworkers.

If money is not a factor while looking for the best table saw for beginners, this could be the best option for you. The Grizzly Industrial G1023RLX is a heavy and super precise industrial table saw.

It offers the strongest motor of all table saws on this list, 3 horsepower to be exact. It also has the largest surface area to work on. The Grizzly Industrial G1023RLX is a great saw if you are a beginner and you are certain you will spend a long time in the woodworking industry.

Powermatic 1791230k – specs:

Speed3450 RPM
Blade diameter10″ inch
Power sourceCorded
Table Size53″ inch

Weight402 pounds
Warranty5 years
Dimensions29 x 39 x 40

Grizzly Industrial G0869 table saw

Grizzly G0869 Table saw

our score: 9.5
  • Very high Price/quality
  • High RPM
  • Long battery life
  • Smallest usable table saw

We believe the Grizzly Industrial G0869-10″ is the best table saw for small shop owners. This is a Benchtop table saw, so it does not take up much space and can be easily moved around.

With 2 horsepower and 4000 RPM, this is a small super machine. It is usable for most woodworking projects since it uses a 10″ inch (adjustable) blade.


With a price of around $600 USD, we believe this saw is a great buy. The build quality of this table saw is very good and grizzly is known for producing some of the highest quality power tools.

Powermatic 1791230k – specs:

Speed4000 RPM
Blade diameter10″ inch
Power source120 Volts
Table Size22″ inch
Weight72 pounds
Warranty5 years
Dimensions27 x 32 x 21
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