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can a miter saw cut metal?

By: Daniel Smith




Miter saws are designed to cut wood. But did you know it is actually possible to cut metal with them too? In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to learn about miter saws and the best way to cut metal with them!

Miter Saw VS Chopsaw

The main difference between a miter saw and a chop saw is the type of material they can cut. Miter saws have a round cutting table making them perfect for wood. Chop saws have a square table which is preferable when cutting steel or metal.

Which one you should get depends a bit on the application. Most people will benefit more from the bevels and miter cuts that a miter saw offers. On the other hand, if you are working a lot with metal a chop saw might be a better, more robust option.

Are you new to the term miter saw? Read our guide: What is a miter saw and when to use it.

Can a miter saw be used to cut metal?

Yes, it is possible to cut metal with a miter saw. Equip the miter saw with a metal cutting blade and take your time while making cuts. Miter saws have a relatively low RPM and therefore require more time to cut metal than a chop saw.

It is not recommended to cut metal at an angle with a miter saw. Unless you have a very fast and robust miter saw it will take a lot of time and possibly damage your tool. Read our guide on the best compound miter saws if you want to see our favorite suggestions.

Can a chop saw be used to cut wood?

Now that we know that a miter saw can be used to cut metal is the same also true for a chop saw cutting wood?

The answer is: yes, a chop saw can be used to cut wood. However, due to their robust design chop saws are often more limited in the cuts they can make. Most chop saws will only make straight cuts, unlike miter saws that can make a variety of bevel or miter cuts.

On top of that, chop saws are much faster and will increase the risk of chipping your wood instead of making clean cuts.

Final Thoughts

Overall it is possible to use chop, and miter saws for materials they are not designed for. However, both will come with certain limitations when used improperly.

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