bad paint job on kitchen cabinets

Did you accidentally make a mistake while painting your kitchen cabinets? Don’t worry, there are numerous ways you can easily restore a small mistake on your paint job! In this guide, we will show you how to fix a bad paint job on kitchen cabinets.

Painting over kitchen cabinets without sanding

Depending on the severity of the mistake it’s often possible to just paint over it. When the paint is still fresh it’s best to repaint them as quick as possible.

When painting over your mistake make sure to paint the whole surface of the cabinet and not just the damaged spot. Use a brush or paint roller and make long even strokes. An even layer of paint on the cabinet will give the best result.

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Sanding kitchen cabinets and starting over

If the mistake you made is more severe its probably best to start all over again. Wait until the paint is completely dry. Paint can be either dust-dry or completely dry. In general paint takes about 24 hours to completely harden.

When you made sure the paint is dry start sanding the cabinet with a rough grit sandpaper. Make sure all the loose paint leftovers come off. There should be no visible stains visible anymore. Go over the cabinet with about three different grits from rough too fine. The final grit should be around 150 for a smooth finish.

Once the cabinet is properly sanded take a damp cloth to wipe off any excess sanding dust. After that you can start painting again. Make sure you apply thin even strokes with a paint brush or roller.

Using primer to get the best results

A layer of primer can be good practise to give you the best results with your paint job. Curing the wood with a thin layer of a quality primer beforehand will make the paint stick better and hold its shine longer.

Using primer when you start your project is also the best way to prevent damage. So next time there will be no need to fix a bad paint job on kitchen cabinets 🙂

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