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Best construction work pants

By: Daniel Smith




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Are you looking for the best construction work pants? With so many to choose from, we can imagine that finding the right pair for you can be hard. Chances are you don’t even know where to start!

Work pants come in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays there is a dedicated work pant for almost every job. Many sites write about work pants in general, but none of them writes about the best work pants for construction workers.

On this page, we will take a look at our favorite work pants that we’ve ranked according to your needs!

What makes the best work pants for construction workers

In order to find the best work pants for construction workers, we have to keep a few things in mind: They should be durable, strong, and comfortable. We’ve found that these are the main criteria you need in order to find the best construction work pants.

In general, you could say there are 3 types of work pants:

  • Convertible pants
  • Cargo work pants
  • Regular work pants

Our favorite type of work pants for construction workers is cargo pants. The fact that these have extra pockets all over them is great to store little bits and bobs like screws and nails.

How work pants should fit

Construction work pants should not fit too tight. You will be moving in them the whole day and tight pants can get very uncomfortable over time. Luckily most construction work pants have a straight fit. This means they are somewhat baggy and are not tailored towards the bottom.

When buying new work pants we always recommend your look for a straight or loose fit. These will be the most comfortable while doing construction work. Also, these will fit best with one of our favorite work boots.

Now that we know what makes good pants, these are the best construction work pants:

The best construction work pants

Caterpillar best construction work pants

Caterpillar Men’s Trademark pants

our score: 9.6
  • 60% Cotton 40% polyester
  • Heavyweight
  • Straight fit
  • Very durable Cargo pants

TheCaterpillar Men’s Trademark Pants are great for people that love work pants with a lot of bells and whistles. Made from a heavy-weight cotton and polyester blend these pants will surely last you a long time.

Everyone who is working as a construction worker for a while now knows about these pants. They are the most popular work pants for everyone including plumbers, electricians, and woodworkers.

Pros and cons about these work pants

  • Pros
  • Plenty of large pockets
  • Rugged and heavyweight cotton polyester blend
  • Well known brand
  • Well-fitting pants
  • Cons
  • Slightly more expensive work pants
  • The pants are too warm to wear in very hot weather

Dickies best construction work pants

Dickies Men’s Relaxed cargo pants

our score: 9.3
  • 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
  • Mid/Heavy weight
  • Straight fit
  • Durable Cargo pants

Another great work pant for construction workers. The Dickies Men’s Relaxed Straight-Fit is a polyester cotton blend cargo pant that fits loose and comfortably.

These work pants are made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This blend makes it so that these pants are very strong and durable.

Dickies is known for making great affordable work gear and their Dickies Men’s Relaxed Straight-Fit is no exception!

Pros and cons about these work pants

  • Pros
  • Two large pockets
  • Heavy, strong material
  • A popular brand
  • Simple design
  • Cons
  • Not many colors to choose from
  • These pants are not the most durable

Columbia best zip off work pants

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

our score: 9.0
  • 100% polyester
  • Lightweight and water resistant
  • Straight fit
  • Convertible pants

Columbia might not be the first brand you think about when shopping for work pants. However, their Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants are great for construction workers that work in warm climates.

These work pants are made of polyester which does not absorb any moisture. This is great if you are working long days in warm weather as it will prevent sweat from getting in your pants.

Pros and cons about these work pants

  • Pros
  • Thin and light pants
  • Convertible pants
  • High-quality polyester
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Not as durable as other pants
  • Too cold for winter

The Author
Daniel Smith
My passion for power tools and work clothing started when I was a kid. My father and I used to build tree houses together, he taught me all the tricks of the trade! Meanwhile, I'm a 28-year-old with more than 7 years of experience on various job sites.
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