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Best circular saw blade for plywood

By: Daniel Smith




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If you’ve ever cut a piece of plywood you know how easy it is to chip. However, we believe it has a lot to do with the blade you are using. Therefore in this guide, we will tell you exactly what the best circular saw blade for plywood is!

What makes the best circular saw blade?

There are many differences between saw blades. But how do you pick the right one? Here are some things you want to look for when searching for the perfect saw blade:

  • Size – The most commonly found saw blade is 7 1/4″ inch. There are bigger and smaller blades available. Which one you should get depends on the saw you have.
  • Teeth – For plywood, we recommend a saw blade with 40 teeth. This will ensure a clean and fast cut.
  • Price – Finally, since you will likely go through a few of these, it is important that we get the best value for money.

The best circular saw blade for plywood

The DEWALT DWA171440 is the best circular saw blade for plywood. This blade is made from high-density tungsten Carbide. DEWALT uses Tungsten Carbide for additional strength and durability. With 40 teeth it’s ideal for making clean cuts in brittle materials like plywood.

dewalt circular saw blade

DEWALT DWA171440 circular saw blade

our score: 9.4
  • Made of Tungsten Carbide
  • Tough anti-stick coating
  • 7 1/4″ inch blade
  • 40 teeth

Pros and cons

According to our experts
  • These blades are made of a high-quality tungsten carbide reducing the amount of wear.

  • 7-1/4 inch is the perfect size for making clean, fast cuts in plywood.

  • These circular saw blades might be a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for.

DEWALT is known for making great products. Their circular saw blades are no exception. TheDEWALT DWA171440 is made from a high-quality Tungsten carbide. This makes it extra strong and durable.

Another great thing about the DEWALT DWA171440 saw blade has a limited warranty of 3 years. DEWALT does this for all their products and we think it is a great sign of quality.

Overall we believe this is the best circular saw blade for plywood and other materials alike.

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