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What is a hammer drill used for

What is a hammer drill used for?

Learn what a hammer drill is used for and if you actually need one or not. We also explain the difference between a hammer drill and a regular drill.

By: Daniel Smith

Best Makita belt sander guide

Best Makita belt sander

Find the best Makita belt sander using this guide. We compared all the Maktia belt sadners and found out which has the best value for money!

By: Daniel Smith

Best makita angle grinder

The Best Makita angle grinder

Are you looking for a Makita angle grinder? Look no further! We compared all Makita angle grinders and found out which is one is the best

By: Daniel Smith

Best corded angle grinder

Best Corded Angle Grinder

These are the best corded angle grinders. A buying guide of the most powerful, safest and affordable angle grinders on the market today!

By: Daniel Smith