Impact wrench vs impact driver
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Are you wondering whether you should get an impact wrench or an impact driver?

And are you also wondering whether an Impact driver can do the same job as an impact wrench can? These and more questions can be confusing while making an informed decision.

Today we would like to show tell you whether you should get an impact wrench or impact driver.

Benefits of an Impact driver

An impact driver has a lot of benefits but the most noticeable would be the diversity of this tool.

Can i use an impact driver as an impact wrench?

For less power-demanding jobs, an impact driver could be used as an impact wrench. However, for heavier tasks like removing lug nuts, it’s best to use an impact wrench.

Impact drivers are a safe choice for people that work on small projects, use them mostly for screws, and don’t use it to remove lug nuts.

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Benefits of an impact wrench

This is a dedicated tool for removing bolts and nuts. Specifically made for people who work with dense, often rusted materials. These tools will make light work of every job you throw at it.

The biggest benefit of an impact wrench is its power. With an often much more powerful brushless motor, it’s much stronger than an impact driver.

Cons of an impact wrench

One thing where the impact wrench loses it from an impact driver is the diversity. This tool can only do one task.

Therefore, we recommend this tool only for the people that know they’ll need it. Otherwise, you are probably better of trying an impact driver first.

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