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Can you cut wood with an angle grinder?

By: Daniel Smith




If you are doing some DIY around your home but you’re lacking the tools you need, you might be wondering, can you cut wood with an angle grinder? After all, it has a tough blade that can cut through all kinds of other materials.

It is possible to use an angle grinder to cut wood, so if you don’t have a saw, this might be the next best option. It’s also a quick and easy one, but it is not considered particularly safe. You should also note that you will need the right kind of blade for this task.

You shouldn’t just launch into slicing through wood with your angle grinder, as this is potentially dangerous and could damage the blade. In this article, we’re going to look at how to do it safely and effectively.

Can You Cut Wood With An Angle Grinder?

You can cut wood with an angle grinder. Angle grinders utilize a sharp, spinning blade that will slice through most materials, and will certainly cut wood. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

  • Angle grinders won’t cut through a large piece of wood, as they can only cut through fairly small areas before their blade guards will get in the way.
  • Wood is flammable, and angle grinders produce a lot of heat.
  • You will have limited control because it is so easy to cut through the wood. This makes it very easy to slip and hurt yourself or damage another object.
  • Grinders don’t stop spinning as soon as you stop engaging them, which can lead to damage if you aren’t very careful while using one.

It is therefore important to know what you are doing before you go ahead with this.

Is It Safe To Cut Wood With An Angle Grinder?

Cutting wood with an angle grinder isn’t very safe for a number of reasons. One is the fire risk – grinders get hot and wood is flammable. Be careful about this.

The second reason is the lack of control. Because the grinder will slice through the wood very quickly and easily, even a slight shift in your angle can lead to you veering off course and potentially cutting yourself. Using the right blade will reduce the risk of injury, but you still need to be very careful!

What Angle Grinder Blades Are Best For Cutting Wood?

There are some angle grinder blades that have been specifically designed for cutting wood, and you should use one of these. Our favorite blade for cutting wood with an angle grinder is the GRAFF Speedcutter 4 ½ Wood Carving Disc.

GRAFF SPEEDCUTTER 4 ½ Wood Carving Disc

GRAFF Speedcutter 4 ½ Wood Carving Disc

our score: 8.8
  • Specifically designed for angle grinders
  • Safe to use
  • Good value for money

Pros and cons

According to our experts
  • This wood cutting disk is specifically made for angle grinders and therefore relatively safe to use.

  • It only has 3 teeth, effectively reducing the speed of the blade. This is good while angle grinders have a much higher RPM then a saw.

  • If one of the three teeth breaks the grinding disc will be useless and needs to be replaced.

Tips To Avoid Mistakes

There are a few things you should make sure you aren’t doing when you cut wood with an angle grinder.

Mistake 1: Working too fast. Because angle grinders are such aggressive tools, they don’t give you much control. That means you need to implement the control on your end by working very slowly and carefully.

Mistake 2: Using the wrong blade. Having a blade that hasn’t been designed for wood is not safe. It may cause sparks that could result in a fire if the wood is very dry, and it may slip more easily. Use a blade that is designed for angle grinders and therefore safer to use.

Mistake 3: Not checking that the blades have stopped spinning. Remember, angle grinders don’t come with an automatic brake, and that means they’ll keep spinning for a few seconds even after you have stopped applying the tool. You need to make sure that you use it in a way that doesn’t create a risk. Have somewhere safe to put it down, and allow it to fully stop first.


Angle grinders can be used to cut wood, but you need to be cautious and sensible. Used badly, they could be unsafe. Make sure you have the right blades and you know what you are doing before you try to cut wood with this tool.

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Can you cut wood with an angle grinder?

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